Digging at “Ground Zero”: A Message from Radio Row

This is a prose poem describing not only the aftermath of September, 11, 2001, but the time previous to the World Trade Center, when the community of Radio Row was violently obliterated to make way for the Twin Towers.


Easily 3,000 people; more than easily tens of thousands of people violently wiped off a city map that in its dead ends and bisected streets reveals what once was, in its interrupted avenues shows what is most missing to those who might see the disappeared, who might seek the long-since gone; fourteen city blocks purged of memory and Voice, divested of names no less worthy of being read aloud—Davega, Stewart, Liebling, Schneck, Strauss, Nadel—as city blocks the long of Manhattan likewise silently sound the dirge of their demise, as entire neighborhoods throughout the boroughs and indeed the entire world in turn condemn and bear vigilant witness to the dastardly corporate enterprise of land acquisition, the theft of property, the undoing of livelihood, the grabbing hand, the insatiable Pit.

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