Islamophobia and Adoption

This article has been a growing project over the years, given the evangelical Christian and now so-called moderate Muslim drives to open up countries for adoption via Biblical and Qur’anic justifications. This is a rebuttal to the article that appeared on The Daily Beast by Asra Nomani entitled: “Anti-Adoption Traditions in the Muslim World Benefit Al-Qaeda Recruiters”.


Similarly, in her article for The Daily Beast, Asra Nomani writes an article which implies that the orphaned children of Pakistan are being recruited by Al-Qaeda as future suicide bombers. Her answer to this problem? To undo the “antiquated, shortsighted, and regressive stricture that makes adoption illegal [within Islam]“. This focus on Islam as a problem for adoptive parents who supposedly want to help the orphans of the world is quite loaded, and needs to be deconstructed on two levels, first in terms of the historical and economic/political function of adoption, and second in terms of linguistic and theologic use/misuse of the term.

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