Sending the kids to camp

Why should adoptees be forced to “move beyond” via indoctrination camps?


We recently received an invitation to lend our voice to support the Fresh Air Fund, and we declined, stating:

Thanks for thinking of us, but as policy we only allow questions from readers and this is far from our web site’s mission. In general, our members would rather people focused on improving social justice and equality for poor families than self-soothing through privileged acts of charity. This mind-set is what separated us from our original families to begin with, and we don’t want to contribute to more of the same.

The response to our statement showed no acknowledgment of our stance, or where we were coming from, which should not surprise us.
In the same week, I stumbled upon a post on a blog of an adoptive mother who sent the children in her care to China Heritage Camp (run by Dillon International); my reaction was the same as to…

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