Closed adoption system helping traffickers.

This article appeared today in The Daily Star, Lebanon’s English-language daily newspaper. For once an article that speaks of the economic and the political, and not just the personal. What follows is an excerpt, use the above link for the full article. We are hopeful that finally we are starting to open up a dialogue about the subject in Lebanon.

File: Newborns are seen in incubators at a hospital in Sidon, Monday, Oct. 31, 2011. (The Daily Star/Mohammed Zaatari)

File – Newborns are seen in incubators at a hospital in Sidon, Monday, Oct. 31, 2011. (The Daily Star/Mohammed Zaatari)

In spite of the fact that Christians can legally adopt via the church, some Christian adoptive parents also opt to pretend that the child is biologically theirs, an act which Makhlouf says constitutes fraud.

The director of a Beirut-based Christian charity organization, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Daily Star he helped to facilitate the adoption of a baby girl by checking the pregnant mother into a small mountain hospital under the name of the adoptive mother. This meant her name appeared on the paperwork in place of the birth mother’s name.

“It was very easy,” he says.

A question about the child’s religious background is met with a long silence. “Look,” he eventually replies, “I didn’t wish to know.”

He says this arrangement was the easiest way to get the papers.

“The nuns are allowed to make the papers, but it will take one year to get the ID,” he says.

A doctor at the hospital gave them the required papers, he explains, and the couple – who are Lebanese expatriates – are now going through the process of registering the baby as their own, which they must do before leaving the country with the child.

“You cannot register a child as being your biological child,” Makhlouf says. “There are criminal texts against this … It is a legal issue but I think that people just close their eyes.

“Usually when you talk to people who do this, they will tell you ‘It’s in the best interests of the child – what are we doing wrong?’ They don’t see that this child is going to have psychological problems afterward.”

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1 Response to Closed adoption system helping traffickers.

  1. pammcrae says:

    I am a birth mother. And an adoptive mother. In 1968 I lost my first son to adoption and didn’t see him again for 44 years–two years ago. Words are inadequate to describe how wonderful it is to have him back in my life. It’s a long story (whose isn’t?), and I can’t say reunion has been a piece of cake, but we are both grateful and love each other. My son had tried to search for me when he was 19 but was told I had died (suicide). I searched and found him with the help of Facebook and a wonderful search angel the day after his 44th birthday. In 1974 my then-husband and I adopted a baby son from Vietnam (half African-American). This was not a case of infertility; we already had a four-year old son, and when my adopted son was two, we had a little girl. I’ve been reading about transracial and international adoption and have done a complete 180 turn. Something I believed in passionately for 40 years I have come to see as an evil of giant proportions. I am one of those westerners who wanted to “save a child” through love. It took me a very long time to realize that love is not enough. The son I lost and the son I “saved” have both been terribly damaged by adoption, and I feel guilty for my part in their pain. I suppose I have the fervor of a convert, but I am now determined to do everything I can to educate people about the horrors of adoption. It is human trafficking, and pretending it is anything else is wilfull blindness.

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