#Adoption911 | Stop the “Children in Families First Act”


This is a joint initiative of Pound Pup Legacy and Against Child Trafficking. Quoting from their joint statement:

As written, the Children In Families First Act of 2013 proposes to advance the polices as outlined in the US Action Plan for Children in Adversity, through the use of inter-country adoption, and it proposes to remove legal policies and “barriers to permanent placements” of children into American homes and families. The bill is not in the best interest of children around the world and should never be passed in Congress.

Please refer to this link: Stop the Children In Families First Act and add your voice to the protest.


About Daniel Drennan ElAwar

Adoptee, rematriated.
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6 Responses to #Adoption911 | Stop the “Children in Families First Act”

  1. tchaiki says:

    Where can I find an easy-to-understand primer for people who are new to the legislation, concept, etc? I have looked on the Facebook page, but there isn’t a lot of specifics. Thank you!

  2. Not sure about a primer, but we can go to the sources. Here’s the bill from Congress:

    Here’s more on “US Action Plan for Children in Adversity”:

    Around these parts, we refer to this as “corporate NGOization” or “humanitarian imperialism”:

  3. We updated the ‘About’ – working on more details. https://www.facebook.com/StopCHIFF/info

  4. A reply to Katie Jay and the despicable post “Birth Moms Deserve Choice” [link]:

    As a pyromaniac firefighter brandishing gasoline, you are very dangerous.

    It might behoove you to know that the argument you make was also made by anti-abolitionists, namely, that releasing slaves into the general population was doing them a disservice; that they were “better off” on the plantation. That you might side on the wrong side of justice and morality for the sins of the society you live in is quite telling, and quite disturbing.

    This of course brings us to the next point which is that you are egregiously mistaken in assuming that adoption historically is about family creation. Adoption stems historically speaking from indentured servitude, punishment of the poor, destruction of the Indigenous, the population needs of new colonies and thus colonialism, along with the racism/classism/and misogyny that goes with such ignoble ways of viewing fellow human beings.

    That you might create an Orwellian inversion and describe this as “choice” for mothers targeted to lose their children is a disgusting and filthy lie. But you know this, so the only point in arguing this is for you to acknowledge all of the above and still, and still, put forth these arguments which are, in and of themselves, the very antithesis of what you claim they are. Adoption is a crime. Those who advocate for it are criminals.

    From this point, the burden of proof is on you to prove that in the 100+ years that adoption has existed it has done anything to change any of the problems that you pretend to decry. Such tears from such crocodiles as yourself are really a waste of time for those of us activating for a better future for all to argue over. A 10% cut in the standard of living of prospective adopters would go much farther to save more children than adoption ever could. Why is this not an option?

    The unheard families and communities of disinherited children are standing up to reclaim those children; adoptees are returning, rematriating to attempt to undo the damage those such as yourself wreak on this planet; mothers are coming out of their silence to denounce such coercive drivel. I dare you to truly advocate and activate on behalf of those you share the planet with. I dare you.

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