Anti-adoption month: 30 answers to 30 questions.

Back in 2009, for the execrable “National Adoption Awareness Month” (which now includes the heinous “Orphan Day”) I posted a series of “30 answers to 30 questions” concerning adoption. It was an attempt to circumvent the usual nonsense dumped on any adoptee who actually stands up and speaks his or her mind. Every year since then, I replay the whole series. So here we go….

The questions listed out include:

  1. Do people who have been adopted blame others all their lives for their adoption?
  2. Can someone please tell me more about the darkside of adoption?
  3. When/why did the word “bitter” get associated with non-compliant adoptees?
  4. Why would someone think that Adoption erases a child’s identity?
  5. What do you anticipate your response will be if another family member/friend decides to adopt?
  6. What about the children? Is it better for a child to live in hell?
  7. Does anything anyone say about adoption hurt you anymore?
  8. [What do you think of this] “Gotcha Day” celebration?
  9. Should international adopters send the children back?
  10. Do you believe God has a play in infertility/fertility/adoption?
  11. Why is it common for infant-adoptive parents to be ridiculed?
  12. Have you felt in your life like you’re always searching for something?
  13. In adoption-speak, what difference between “from China” and “Chinese”?
  14. Should I write this letter to the mother of the child in my care?
  15. Wouldn’t you want Lebanese orphans to be saved like you?
  16. Why are people so against adoption here?
  17. Shouldn’t we praise those who disrupt their adoptions?
  18. What if I make every effort to help my child through their grief?
  19. Is there a difference between an adopted child and a “Western” child?
  20. Why don’t more people adopt?
  21. What can adoptive parents do to change things?
  22. What do you think of expatriate adoptions abroad?
  23. Doesn’t it say to adopt in the Bible?
  24. Is it okay to not get U.S. citizenship for an internationally adopted child?
  25. What are you grateful for as an adoptee?
  26. Is there any value in an adoptee cultural camp?
  27. What does “adoptee” mean to you?
  28. What are you [adoptee] trying to accomplish on this blog?
  29. Isn’t it valid to compare adoption with a pregnancy?
  30. Why are adoptees never asking, always answering questions?

The point here was always to shift the debate from the personal to the economical and political. “Entitled opinion” of course exists where history is concerned, but at least changing the parameters of the discussion gets us away from the purely emotional, and the mythologies that take advantage of this.


About Daniel Drennan ElAwar

Adoptee, rematriated.
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7 Responses to Anti-adoption month: 30 answers to 30 questions.

  1. You gotta love #6. It’s a classic.

  2. eagoodlife says:

    Reblogged this on The Life Of Von and commented:
    Please check the link and the answers to these questions on adoption.

  3. nancy rodgers says:

    Thank you! It’s so refreshing to read the truth.

  4. lara/trace says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Hand Books and commented:
    THINK about these questions – really — then answer!

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