In response to: “When Children Are Traded”.

“When Children Are Traded”, by Nicholas Kristof, was published in the Opinion section of the New York Times. I would appreciate any clicks up on this link: Comment on: “When Children Are Traded”. And make sure to add your own response!

The idea that one might go to an adoption agency to ask them for statistical information on failed adoptions is like going to McDonald’s and asking for the numbers on food poisoning from ground beef. This makes no sense. In fact, the research that need be done here is that which reveals adoption to have its historical roots in indentured servitude, the decimation of Indigenous Peoples, the population of foreign colonies with the poor and destitute, and the destruction of the familial structure of those seen as not of the dominant culture. In this light, the recent revelations concerning “re-homing” make perfect sense, and the concept of “family creation” is relegated to what it always has been in terms of the history of adoption: An aberration. That it has taken 100+ years for adopters to come out of this fog is what is astounding. The only thing more phenomenal are the lengths to which some will go to maintain the mythology of adoption as a beneficence and a charitable act, as compared to what this article is finally alluding to: The crime of leveraging societal inequalities for personal gain. That this involves human beings, much less children, is a stain and taint upon Anglo-Saxon society that will take as much time to apologize for, and even more time to overcome.

About Daniel Drennan ElAwar

Adoptee, rematriated.
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