Lebanon: 45 days of no rain; climate has changed

A friend, writing his PhD. on water infrastructure in Lebanon, sends me chapters to proof; and it is days of depression afterward realizing how f—ed we are. Meanwhile, in my neighborhood, ironically named “Fountainhead”, they drill for water now not just at the sites of new buildings, but old. The sound of the water delivery truck has risen to the top of the “most-hated Beirut noise” list, surpassing by far honking horns, building demolition, and Israeli jets. In Hamra, the sea water has backed up into the aquifer, and people shower in brackish water….I’m afraid the exhaustion (of the supply, and of our nerves) is just beginning….thanks for bringing attention to it.

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There is a lot of exhaustion in the air in Lebanon.  Fatigue from the bombs and the chaos. And fatigue from the lack of rain.  This is winter time. Or so it is claimed.  And yet the winter has been dry.

Lebanon: 45 Days of No Rain Hits Farmers and Residents

“It is a period of real shortage, and we are very worried about it today. We hope to avoid this situation if the shortage is compensated by rainfall during the remainder of January and the coming months of February and March,” said Kamal Mawloud, head of Tripoli’s water authority. He described this period as “an unprecedented development in climate change. I have never seen such a drought in my 30 years in the authority.”

In the south, water catchment wells in the towns of Marjeyoun and Bint Jbeil have dried up, coinciding with the disruption of…

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5 Responses to Lebanon: 45 days of no rain; climate has changed

  1. eagoodlife says:

    Reblogged this on The Life Of Von and commented:
    Water and the lack of it…….

  2. r.m. says:

    Daniel – thanks for the ‘reblog.’ I’d love to be connected w/your friend – the PhD candidate.

    • Hey Rania! I think you might know (of) him; Karim? Was a student at AUB, urban studies. Will intro you two in an email….thanks to you for the blog and the persistence in the face of local folly….

  3. PS: I don’t usually have to run my water pump to get water up to the cistern; of late it’s a necessity. I was shocked to see them drilling NEW wells in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, the runoff from after the little rain we had eats away at what shores up the pipes underground; you can see the sewer infrastructure in terms of the “sinking land” depressions in every road in Beirut. The local joke is of course that we live in a district called “Head of the Spring”, whenever we see water fountaining up from underground. Finally, how much waste is there (in terms of plastic, etc.) in the bottling of drinking/cooking water?

  4. The men delivering water say that the sources (mountain streams and rivers) are half depleted; there is maybe two months more of water if we have no rain.

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