another defeat to Lebanon’s fishermen

How long until they are seen in an ad from the Bureau of Tourism selling to tourists what no longer exists in actuality? Yaa haram. Thanks Rania.

Green Resistance (teaching, organizing, and eco-thinking)

Another blow to public lands. Another blow to fishermen.  Another victory in the pockets of large capitalists intent on transforming our capital into a touristic area for the rich.

Remember the news from November 2013? “What officially began as rehabilitation efforts for the fishermen’s ports in Beirut became construction efforts to privatize the port and deny these fishermen their livelihoods. Eviction notices were forced upon these fishermen – and yet they were denied their presence at the court.

Now, that port is being demolished.

Al-Dalia Port, across from the famous pigeon rocks in Raouche, is not the same any more. Some of the fishermen’s kiosks that were built decades ago have been flattened after bulldozers went to work yesterday to remove the rest of their kiosks and houses. Yet most of al-Dalia’s fishermen preferred to remain silent. What Beirut’s notorious contractors failed to do in the courts and through threats and intimidation – that…

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