Water is life – not to be compared to gold

As I’m proofreading K’s PhD on the water sector, and how our future’s have been sacrificed for the IMF, the World Bank, and every other acronymed agency and NGO with their tentacles holding Lebanon prone and their fangs draining its life force, it really is the greatest of insults that they might imagine us so stupid as to believe their mendaciousness on top of everything else. The “Summer Without Water” is going to be a nightmare; those responsible for it should brace themselves.

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Water is Life – not to be compared to gold. There is no substitute for water!

If you live in Lebanon and drive through its highways or simply watch the news — on any of the non-state channels (LBC, MTV, Future, OTV, Manar, NBN), you quite likely have seen an advertisement for “Blue Gold” – hosted by the “Civic Influence Hub.” The adverts are slick, smart, and are designed to lead the viewer to express dismay at the government’s inability to provide clean water efficiently and thus to encourage the viewer to trust in this Civic Influence Hub.

Please don’t.

Al-Akhbar has revealed some of the problematic issues in this drive to privatize the source, distribution, and pricing of Lebanon’s water. See:Blue Gold: The deceitful plan to commodify water in Lebanon (and in arabic, here
And a campaign is underway in Lebanon to protect our water.

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