Karma and adoption


Karma is a complex concept which, because I come from a mainstream Christian upbringing, I am learning through the work of others.  Karma was not in the Colorado cultural air I breathed growing-up, though it has been making inroads to the western mind for decades. To make a general statement, Christians (and Episcopalians, I am one, as a subgroup) do not know what to do with the notion.  Karma is entertained but kept as a mere hypothesis.  Western Anthroposophic circles present a comprehensive view of reincarnation which is what I have in mind here.

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About Daniel Drennan ElAwar

Adoptee, rematriated.
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  1. Mark Diebel says:

    I posted this on a FB group called Independent Anthroposophical Research Examination (I-ARE) and obtained some comments that may be of interest. The group is closed but you should be able to join easily.

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