DNA ‘R’ Us™: Genetic testing, etc.

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Have you ever used or contemplated using one of the DNA services that promises to find ancestors/relatives, such as 23AndMe? Why or why not? What changes in terms of your own understanding of adoption when you think about yourself on this, the genetic level? Expand at will….

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Adoptee, rematriated.
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2 Responses to DNA ‘R’ Us™: Genetic testing, etc.

  1. W AG says:

    I did 23andme a few years ago and was contacted by a third to distant cousin who was adopted in France. All he knew was that both his parents were Lebanese college students, studying in France, and got pregnant out of wedlock. Knowing that I had many cousins who had studied in France I tried my best to find out who it might be, but my requests were mostly ignored by family with a few angry responses. Having lived in the US for so long I forgot how taboo the topic was and still is in the middle east.

    • This is really disturbing. At the 23andMe web site, there are entire discussions on relatives withholding information. It’s pretty infuriating.

      In terms of taboo, I still think it is worse in the States. It was a local Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbar, that translated my article “Re-evaluating Adoption” and printed it in full in 2008. Nothing of the kind has appeared in any American newspaper that I know of.

      Next month the local organization Legal Agenda will be hosting a workshop where I will be presenting on adoption resistance. Mothers in Spain and Argentina protest in the streets concerning their disappeared children. Things have changed here in just the 10 years I’ve been here.

      The question is then where in Europe or the US is anything similar happening? The taboo/mythology there is totalizing, and clamps down on any “dissent”. But thank you for posting; I hope you might persevere on behalf of the adoptee who contacted you….

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