“And She Flew Away”: A Fundraiser

It took a bit of time, but the NGO that we have started up here in Lebanon has seen the light of day and has received government approval. Our first steps include a fundraiser as well as a workshop with the local legal advocacy/monitoring group, Legal Agenda [link to site].

Many adoptees will be coming to Beirut to perform for our fundraiser, and I will be reading an excerpt of my poetry. Tickets may be purchased from Metro Al-Madina theater in Hamra [link to site].

Here is a description of the performance:

“And she flew away” suggests a reflection on the quest for origins as a journey of searching for one’s own voice and place in a community of marginalization. It is a journey towards a lost identity, an unknown mother, and a longing for truth.

Testimonies, poem, live music and stories, shadowed for years, are stepping out to unveil hidden realities, articulate the quest for identity, and address taboos concerning the world of separation…an improvisation on our lived reality.

Badael-Alternatives [web | Facebook] is an NGO that proposes alternatives to prevent forced separation. We advocate for the right to origins.

Design: Heba Rachrach | Illustration: Daniel Drennan

Design: Heba Rachrach | Illustration: Daniel Drennan

وهي …طارت” مساحة للبحث عن الجذور كطريق نسعى عبره للملمة صوتنا الخافت ومساحتنا المنتهكة في مجتمع التهميش.هو مشوار نحو هوية ضائعة وأم مجهولة وعطش دائم للحقيقة

شهادات، وشعر، وموسيقى حية، وقصص تخرج من العتمة إلى خشبة المسرح لتروي حكايا عن البحث الدائم عن الهوية، والعائلة الضائعة، وانتهاكات دور الرعاية.
هي ارتجال الحقيقة…

“بدائل” تعمل عل إيجاد بدائل للحؤول دون الفصل القسري …
نحن نعمل من أجل الحق بالجذور

Please join us!


About Daniel Drennan ElAwar

Adoptee, rematriated.
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3 Responses to “And She Flew Away”: A Fundraiser

  1. The play takes on a whole different significance for me now that I’m pretty sure I know my family name, my village, my community, my place here. This is from our rehearsal today [original post from Metro/Madina].

    Rehearsal: And She Flew Away

    Rehearsal: And She Flew Away

  2. Alaa says:

    Daniel, Best of luck on the play and nchalla you will soon get to meet and know your family :) Can’t wait to see that day :)

    Looking forward to that play :)

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