Session 2.5: Class and Children

The How Class Works Conference [link to conference web site] took place at SUNY/Stonybrook on June 5, 2014. I presented a paper entitled: “The Class-Based Roots of Adoption and Adoption Mythology”, on the session panel called “Class and Children”.

Session 2.5: Class and Children, Daniel Drennan

Session 2.5: Class and Children, Daniel Drennan

Materials for the whole conference are online. Here are the links for this panel:

Video for the presentation: [link to video]

PDF of the slideshow: [link to file]

About Daniel Drennan ElAwar

Adoptee, rematriated.
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1 Response to Session 2.5: Class and Children

  1. Mirren says:

    This is brilliant. Thank you for sharing. I appreciated your ending with that quotation about the children of the dangerous classes. I feel I absorbed some of this social censure long ago (how could I not), and judged myself as that splinter you and I have discussed, too. I am the poison, that danger, to be excised or hidden as best they can. And what made me dangerous? Being fatherless (in social terms)? Having a single mother? Having a mother from a conservative, small town? And then I bear the weight of all that repressed shame, the machinations of hiding it. It is exhausting.

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