Adoption Criminal: @SherrieEldridge

Given that adoptees of all ages and all stripes from around the world are replying to hugely offensive Pabulum like this article, the fact that you ignore such input to trot out the worst of adoption mythology says much about you and where you are coming from.

The narcissism and egotistical God-delusion of certain adoptive parents is very telling. You haven’t saved anyone when, like a pyromaniac firefighter, your economic and political class caused the very fires that you then claim to have “saved” us from.

It begs the question: Why do we continue to focus on the adopted child as the site of psychological damage? Much more telling would be to analyze adoptive parents who still believe in the idiocy of the “blank slate”; who project their needs onto those without recourse, without agency, and without say in the matter; who would, indeed, re-open the infamous Indian Schools given half a chance.

Attachment therapy is, in and of itself, an offense against humanity. What you fail to understand is that we are not talking about rejection, but resistance. Resistance against the lies that would claim—as a commenter on your “site” claims—that children are simply abandoned without coercion, economic or political.

Resistance against a society and culture that sees nothing wrong in the trafficking of flesh. Resistance against an elite class that in the worst of Calvinist mentality, blames the poor and indigent for their condition, and then sees fit to steal their children.

Resistance against the quite conditional love (Poured your soul? Really?) which demands a broken spirit, an acceptance of the colonized condition in which you have placed the child temporarily in your care. Resistance against the lies and criminality of your kind.

The examples of such resistance are everywhere, from the mothers who sewed bits of cloth to their children’s outfits during the days of the Foundling Hospitals in the hopes of being reunited, to the “Abuelas” in Spain demanding to be reunited with their disappeared grandchildren.

And as our voice gets louder, it can only be hoped that first and foremost, children like the one you castigate here will find like-minded souls to help ease the punishment of “parents” like yourself. And then secondly, that these, the worst remnants of the voice of the status quo of adoption, the criminal profiteers of adoption, the revelers in adoption misery; these, the vestiges of the 1890s, the Baby Scoopers, the Orphan Trainers, will finally be drowned out. Once and for all.

This was posted in reply to the article posted by Sherrie Eldridge at her self-promotional web site [Link: Why Adoptees Reject Their Adoptive Moms].


About Daniel Drennan ElAwar

Adoptee, rematriated.
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11 Responses to Adoption Criminal: @SherrieEldridge

  1. Snarkurchin says:

    Resistance to an unbearable situation is indeed a sign of mental health.

    Shorter Eldridge article: “Your adoptee is angry at you, and that anger is 100% misplaced, because you obviously have *nothing to do* with the fact that she’s adopted. What can you do about it? Buy my book!”

    What a load of self-serving codswallop.

  2. Lara/Trace says:

    Devote and religious Sherrie the marketer ran some kind of group on Yahoo – I couldn’t bear to read it but she needed sales and followers. Her flock is in some kind of trance.

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  5. lesliepatemackinnon says:

    I adore the fact that adoptees voices are becoming louder and louder! We all (society, legislators, first parents, adoptive parents, medical and psychological professionals) have so much to learn from the recipients of this “societal experiment” we term adoption. We move human beings around and then diagnose them for not going along seamlessly with the inhumane decisions that were made for them. I think that young adoptees who rail in anger and pain are doing all they can to form their own resistance movement, telling the world “you guys really f@*%’d up.”

  6. lucy vega says:

    finally someone else voicing outcries regarding the damaging and harmful practices this eldridge individual perpetrates. and having gone round with other adoptees who have drunk the eldridge kool-aid. what’s scary has been some fundamentalist-prone adoptees heading to therapize other adoptees with this type self-blaming, shaming, spirit-killing approach. followed by the rebuilding processes. yikes…

    • eagoodlife says:

      Very harmful and scary! But then she likes to capture the adopters business as well.

    • lucy vega says:

      finding her giving adoptees therapeutic advice concerning and disturbing. like a few others – building one’s personality on the suffering of others seems bloated and confused as to who it’s really helping…

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