Lebanese Adoptees: Books

The following list is devoted to books by Lebanese adoptees, usually in the language of receiving country, but often translated into one or more languages currently spoken in Lebanon. I do not wish to review the books, and obviously I do not always share the same viewpoint on adoption as the authors. I do wish to acknowledge the variety of such viewpoints, and at the very least, the common thread among them, which is the search for origins.


The Heart of Belonging: An Adoptee’s Quest for His Origins
by Emil Daugaard
Adopted to: Sweden
[Link to book description]


جفي في السكون
(Hidden in the Silence)
by Arthur Blok
Adopted to: The Netherlands
[Link to book description]

couv Heureusement j’ai été adopté 13mm corr MS.indd

Heureusement j’ai été adopté
(Happily, I Was Adopted)
by Alexandre Trad
Adopted to: France
[Link to book description]

L’enfant du secret
(The Secret Child)
by Alexandrine Siham
Adopted to: France
[Link to book description]


About Daniel Drennan ElAwar

Adoptee, rematriated.
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1 Response to Lebanese Adoptees: Books

  1. maddogmarley says:

    Thanks so much, Daniel. Lebanese adoptees and adoption is a topic that is pretty unknown in AdoptionLand. I’ll be linking it on our BN International Adoption page later today.

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