On orphans, adoption, and Islam.

Many thanks to Asma Uddin and @AltMuslimah for allowing me the space to reply to the previous article I cited a few days ago. An excerpt:

To conclude, in 1948 the United Nations defined an aspect of genocide to include “forcibly transferring children of [one] group to another group”[1]. In current academic discourse, the concept of genocide has evolved to incorporate the idea of genocidal intent that might not be overtly homicidal, but which is designed to lead to the same end[2]. Adoption practices both historically and in terms of the current day fit this notion rather disturbingly. Even if we firmly believe in adoption and its possible reform, these roots of the practice and their current manifestations must be brought to light and deliberated. Furthermore, overlaps in current practice with the historically targeted use of adoption against those seen as not politically embodied, as well as its profitable nature and its legal origins within slavery and indentured servitude, all must give us great pause. To believe that adoption has corrected itself, that it has been reformed or is reformable, is to deceive ourselves in a most solipsistic way.

[1] Card, C. Genocide and social death. Hypatia, 18(1):63–79, Winter 2003.
[2] Office of the UN Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide (OSAPG)

PDF of article:

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