ASAC Conference, Part II: “Creative Writing Reading”

The Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture (ASAC) Conference will also be hosting a “Creative Writing Reading” session. I am happy and honored to report that my proposal here has also been accepted.

Reading proposal • My proposal includes excerpts from a work in progress tentatively entitled Foreign Body. It is based on two book proposals: one a non-fiction overview of adoption from a perspective of belonging, identity, and citizenship; the other a more personal memoir. Based on feedback from a literary agent I have embarked on a trajectory that aims to combine the two projects into one. The premise is a series of elocutionary samples, based in literary genres found in South- and Southwest Asia, in the work of modern writers such as Thomas Bernhard, as well as in the freeform radio presentations created by Joe Frank. These samples take as a basis examples of what I refer to as “writs of rupture”, ephemeral missives that yet maintain a power over lives, that embody dominant hegemonic modes, or else represent popular voice deemed invalid by these modes. For example, the small piece of paper that stated I was abandoned on the beach in Dbayeh; the poetry written down and then discarded by a Syrian migrant worker friend in Beirut, who would exclaim: “Who will read such verse, professor?”; the propaganda leaflets dropped from the sky during the July War of 2006, etc. The whole will be self-referential in the sense that it is not a chronological read, it is more an attempt to show the “full iceberg” that these notations barely make evident and manifest. Furthermore, it reveals an interconnectedness between those whose lives have been irrevocably altered by acts of dispossession, displacement, and disinheritance.

Registration closes July 1. Hope to see you there in October!

The Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture
The Adoption Initiative


About Daniel Drennan ElAwar

Adoptee, rematriated.
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3 Responses to ASAC Conference, Part II: “Creative Writing Reading”

  1. Amy says:

    I’m glad you will be presenting on both topics. Your voice is urgently needed.

  2. JaeRan says:

    Looking forward to seeing you there!

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