Decolonizing illustration: 
Rerooting culture, language, and activist practice

I have uploaded my expanded presentation from the CAA Conference in New York City last month. I presented on decolonization in the classroom (in the original liberation sense of the term, not the current vapid buzzword sense). The buzzword aspect of it was everywhere at the conference. I had high hopes and attended all the panels that referred to it. I walked out of each and every one of those presentations. Quoting from my presentation a few days after one such panel:

As always, in the face of such resistance, a backlash awaits. For example: During this conference, an art historian criticized protests against markers of colonialism and imperialism. These were defined, without irony, as “public art” and “statuary”. The protesters—marginalized populations raising their voices on a subject they are excluded from as both definers as well as audience—were qualified as “presentist” in mindset. The accusation of historical ignorance contradicts their hyper-awareness of the ravages of—as well as their exclusion from—dominant histories and canons.

Add Tania Bruguera to the mix, and you realize how much CAA needs to be decolonized in and of itself.

The document, with slides, can be found at the following link:

You can use a Facebook or Google ID to download it.

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1 Response to Decolonizing illustration: 
Rerooting culture, language, and activist practice

  1. Lara/Trace says:

    When we study empire and colonization, it starts to paint a picture we cannot un-see.

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