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Decolonizing illustration: 
Rerooting culture, language, and activist practice

I have uploaded my expanded presentation from the CAA Conference in New York City last month. I presented on decolonization in the classroom (in the original liberation sense of the term, not the current vapid buzzword sense). The buzzword aspect … Continue reading

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Mothers’ Voices: A “Rematriated” Adoptee’s Art Residency

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve started an artist’s residency at the Newark Print Shop. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign, which was successful.

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Malcolm X Returns to Beirut

This was my second piece for Land of Gazillion Adoptees/Gazillion Voices [link to article], originally published in May of 2015.

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Jamaa Al-Yad: New Projects

Jamaa Al-Yad is happy to announce two new projects. The first is in collaboration with the Inteference Archive in Brooklyn, which has put together a portfolio of posters honoring the Cuban poster design of the Organization of Solidarity of the … Continue reading

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Boycott, Divest, and Sanction #BDS

Excerpted from the art and design blog, Design Altruism Project [link to blog]: This is a movement for global justice, both political and economic. It focuses on the various levels of displacement, dispossession, and disinheritance that formed the active undergirding … Continue reading

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Ghassan Kanafani project

A poster to celebrate the writer and activist Ghassan Kanafani, assassinated in Beirut on July 8, 1972. غسَّان كنفاني: ملصق | Ghassan Kanafani: poster

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Resistance in Print: The Jamaa Al-Yad Collective

A former student of mine interviewed me on the local collective we started up a few years ago, Jamaa Al-Yad.

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Land Day project

Palestine becomes emblematic of all dispossessed people; the farmer, displaced by capitalist and globalizing forces, becomes a symbol of resistance. To return to the land becomes not just a right but a duty; the restoration of the land to the … Continue reading

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Occupied Wall Street Journal project

This poster was created collectively with other artists adding their posters to a newspaper published by the resistance movement currently occupying Wall Street. Occupied Wall Street Journal Occuprint

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Stone’s throw project

On May 15, 2011, during the Day of Return to Palestine, Israeli occupation forces opened fire on unarmed civilians protesting legally within the border of Lebanon and other countries neighboring Palestine. Men, women, and children from all walks of life … Continue reading

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