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On rethinking Lebanese origins.

This is an addendum of sorts to a previous post: On DNA testing for adoptees. As our research expands locally, our first assumptions of “being Lebanese” need give way to the logical conclusions of how constructed, affected, and false a … Continue reading

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Refining DNA data: The maternal haplotype

In my list of relative matches on 23andMe, I have a few cousins who share my paternal haplotype marker (T). This means that we share a paternal ancestor somewhere back in the family lineage. I looked through my initial list … Continue reading

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On DNA testing for adoptees.

When I sent off my DNA kit to 23andMe, I had absolutely no idea that the results would be so telling. In part, this is explained by the fact that I am from the Druze community, itself extremely small and … Continue reading

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DNA ‘R’ Us™ IV

The last few days have been a bit of a rollercoaster. Based on initial DNA results, and further database research, I now know more about myself than I ever did previously.

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Ever since I registered my DNA kit, I’ve gone daily to the testing web site and changed my profile. I’m currently oscillating between being completely open (“I am an adoptee looking for my biological family”) and being less open (“I … Continue reading

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DNA ‘R’ Us™ II

This past September marks ten years spent in Lebanon. This is both hardly enough time and far too long. Hardly enough time to truly feel a sense of belonging. And far too long to spend in the place of one’s … Continue reading

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DNA ‘R’ Us™: Genetic testing, etc.

Originally posted on Transracialeyes:
Have you ever used or contemplated using one of the DNA services that promises to find ancestors/relatives, such as 23AndMe? Why or why not? What changes in terms of your own understanding of adoption when you…

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