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Malcolm X Returns to Beirut

This was my second piece for Land of Gazillion Adoptees/Gazillion Voices [link to article], originally published in May of 2015.

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Fanon on #Lebanon [almost].

The following is excerpted from a pamphlet I found at Alibris, entitled: “Frantz Fanon, Soweto, and American Black Thought”. Given the current split between the Lebanese bourgeoisie and the “chaab”—meaning, the actual masses within the country who aspire to something … Continue reading

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On counter-revolution, Lebanese style.

The following essay, entitled: “May 15: The Third Intifada, Maroun Ar-Ras/Palestine” was written after the Right of Return March to the border of Palestine took place in 2011. I was reminded of it while re-reading Edmund Wilson’s To the Finland … Continue reading

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Adoption Is War I+II; Lebanon 2015/1975

I’ve just added a new page, Lebanon 1975: Adoption is War II. It is based on an article found in the news magazine Monday Morning from January, 1975, three months before the “start” of the Lebanese Civil War. It is … Continue reading

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Edgar Allan Poe: Disinherited adoptee

I came across this in a tiny book published in 1905, The Works of Edgar Allan Poe: Volume II, handed down to me by my father. Published by the New Century Library in New York, the book starts with an … Continue reading

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