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ineradicable voices: narratives toward rerooting: event video

In a previous entry [link ➤] I announced my participation with a collective performance/witnessing of adopted and fostered people in a safe and welcoming environment. It was an amazing experience, and I looked forward to our weekly virtual gatherings as … Continue reading

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“What It Cost to be Adopted” by Michele Merritt

I was honored to have participated in this much-needed rebuttal to the ever-repugnant New York Times’ article, “What I Spent to Adopt my Child”. Quoting from the piece: The New York Times (NYT) recently published a piece, “What I Spent … Continue reading

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Bada’el: The Right to Origins

This interview with colleagues Zeina Allouche, founder of Bada’el (Alternatives) and Dida Guigan, a fellow adoptee, is in Arabic [link], but included are parts of the trailer I worked on with them concerning the launch of the organization that are … Continue reading

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Adoption is a Feminist Issue.

Originally posted on The Life Of Von:
Adoption is a feminist issue. If the word ‘feminist’ is scary to you and gives you visions of suffragettes, bra-burning, hairy legs, big butch dykes with No 2 haircuts, girls with lipstick and…

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Lebanese adoptees research their original families.

This is a hasty translation of the web page that accompanies a video report from BBC Arabic [link]. Original reporting by Nada Abdel Samad.

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