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His eye is on the sparrow…

It was two years ago at my sister’s house, and my mom came down the stairs with a junky old tape recorder and a cassette. “I got to hankering for Brother John’s voice”, she explained matter-of-factly, speaking of my Uncle … Continue reading

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Digging at “Ground Zero”.

I was on my way to work in New York City on the morning of September 11, 2001. I am grateful to the web site “The Sonic Memorial Project” for its archives on Radio Row, and would be interested in … Continue reading

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Clinton, Reagan, AIDS, and Hell

I saw this revisionist history on MSNBC: Hillary Clinton: The Reagans, particularly Nancy, helped start “a national conversation” about HIV and AIDS. [link] Given the fact that at the time of the Reagans’ reign, the majority of those dying from … Continue reading

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In Memory of Sakia Gunn

Sakia Gunn was murdered on May 11, 2003, in Newark [link to documentary]. I wrote this after attending a sparsely attended vigil for her on the piers of the West Village where she was hanging out with her friends that … Continue reading

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انا من هناك—I am of that place.

A poem by the Palestinian writer Mahmoud Darwich (محمود درويش). Translation is mine.

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What matters?

The first two stanzas here were jotted down eight years ago after being given two small pieces of paper by my orphanage attesting to a) being abandoned on the beach in Dbayeh and b) passing through a convent in Dakwaneh … Continue reading

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Words From the First Intifada

This piece was written after the Israeli massacre of Palestinian youth at the Lebanese border with Palestine on the Day of Return, May 15, 2011. In 1987, after the First Intifada started, I remember sitting in a coffee shop in … Continue reading

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O, Destroyer! [Dedicated to #Gaza]

I wrote this on the last day of the July War 2006 in Lebanon. I dedicate it to Palestinians especially those in Gaza now under attack. The diaries written during that war are still up, and still apply. [link to … Continue reading

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دانيال، أنت إبني | Daniel, you’re my son.

I’m not sure how she knows the hajjeh upstairs when I might need a kind word, some support or succor, her presence; she’s a knack for knowing just the right moment to intervene nonetheless; like my mom in the States … Continue reading

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The Le Joola Ferry Disaster of Senegal

Today is the 11th anniversary of the Le Joola ferry disaster [link] that took place off of the coast of Senegal and which became the greatest maritime disaster in history, although most remain unaware of it even having transpired. The … Continue reading

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