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On adoption, kinship, and gender. (I)

The following series of posts is based on an interview conducted with Romy Lynn Attieh. I’ve known Romy since I arrived in Lebanon, and in that time I’ve come to see her as a great friend, an intrepid research assistant, … Continue reading

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On adoption, Islam, and faith.

When I was approached concerning a possible article about my adoption, return, and new-found faith I was a bit reticent. The “hook” as it were was based on my previous life in New York City (over two decades ago), as … Continue reading

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Adopted: Dispossessed, displaced, disinherited.

Note: I usually avoid the putting forth of “proper” terminology because, like much discursive analysis, there is no taking into consideration context, register, tone, etc. I would never actively reduce or take away terms from the language; but I do … Continue reading

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Closed adoption system helping traffickers.

This article appeared today in The Daily Star, Lebanon’s English-language daily newspaper. For once an article that speaks of the economic and the political, and not just the personal. What follows is an excerpt, use the above link for the … Continue reading

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Adoption is a Feminist Issue.

Originally posted on The Life Of Von:
Adoption is a feminist issue. If the word ‘feminist’ is scary to you and gives you visions of suffragettes, bra-burning, hairy legs, big butch dykes with No 2 haircuts, girls with lipstick and…

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