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Parsing and decolonizing the mediation 
of Canadian immigration narratives

This paper is a response to an article that appeared in the Tyee [link: Below is a link to download the PDF file. Advertisements

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@TheAtlantic and #Adoption Discussions

This is in response to the “call for replies” to a recent article in The Atlantic. This type of “false equality” in terms of discussion leaves out certain basic premises that cannot be so easily overlooked. There are some huge … Continue reading

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In response to: “When Children Are Traded”.

“When Children Are Traded”, by Nicholas Kristof, was published in the Opinion section of the New York Times. I would appreciate any clicks up on this link: Comment on: “When Children Are Traded”. And make sure to add your own … Continue reading

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Lebanon is independent?

Originally posted on Green Resistance (teaching, organizing, and eco-thinking):
What a country. While we lack a government because the Saudis cannot compromise on who will be in the government, and while the current spokespeople of this country proudly abstain the…

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Foreign Exchange | [Letters] Harper’s Magazine

A letter I wrote to Harper’s magazine, on their worthwhile recent article on Russian adoptees [“Cold War Kids,” October] by Irina Aleksander, was published in the December issue [link]. I’m publishing the full text of the original here.

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On being “pro-justice”, not “anti-adoption”.

The following is a selection of comments I made on Eric Zorn’s blog at the Chicago Tribune. He makes reference to a separate article on the “new” anti-adoption movement.

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An open letter to PEAs*.

Jeanna Beasley of South Carolina, has a blog entitled, “Lured Home”; it describes the reasons why she wishes to adopt a girl from China. This is my reply.

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On “adopted” as an epithet.

This is in response to my half-reply (the other half was in a tweet) at the “This Family’s Journey” blog, in a post entitled: The “Ohhhh, they’re adopted” Reason.

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