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Fiber Arts: Manifesto

I. Revived Fiber Connections: an Introduction Background Eight months ago I started stress knitting, or as I prefer to say “solace crafting”. The goal in this renaming, as well as being the basis for the manifesto found here, is to … Continue reading

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“No, these are not our children.”

This draft was sitting in my email Drafts folder. I have no recollection to whom I was addressing this. As I get ready to attend ASAC/AI in Oakland this coming week [note: October, 2017], I’m dreading the resurgent feeling that … Continue reading

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Resisting Extirpation: Revolutionary Adoption Activism

The Alliance for the Study of Adoption and Culture (ASAC) Conference this year will feature sessions of The Adoption Initiative, which is usually a separate conference. I’ve been to both conferences in the past, have worked on the planning committee … Continue reading

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AdoptionLand: From Orphans to Activists

I am privileged and honored to be included in this anthology of adoptee voices from around the globe. Quoting from the book’s web site: For the first time in adoption history, families of adoption-loss from all over the world unite, … Continue reading

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On adoption activism (IV).

In a blog post by Rebecca Hawkes at “Sea Glass and Other Fragments” [link], I have been referred to as a “burnt-out activist adoptee”, seemingly by virtue of my own words. I think this discussion of those who speak as … Continue reading

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On adoption activism (III).

This post is taken from one that originally went up at Transracial Eyes; at the time I promised to expand on it publicly, so finally this is seeing the light of day. The question there from a fellow adoptee asks … Continue reading

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On adoption activism (II).

In her reply to the previous post, Laura Dennis asks how to overcome the divisions that separate us; how to move from the purely personal to something more “just”. I appreciate her reply very much because it is indeed a … Continue reading

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On adoption activism.

What is the future of adoption activism? What should be the focus of those who advocate for adoptee rights, the rights of children to know their origins, the rights of such children’s parents to maintain or re-establish filiation? It seems … Continue reading

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What can adoptive parents do to change things?

This is the 21st question in the series: “Anti-adoption month: 30 answers to 30 questions on adoption” [link].

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