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الذاكرة : مجهولة | Memory: Unknown (film screening)

Badael/Alternatives presents: Origins Café A monthly venue for the discussion of issues related to all those separated from their origins.

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حبل صرّة | Umbilical Cord (theater performance)

Badael/Alternatives presents: حبل صرّة | Umbilical Cord Testimonies from the world of forced separation. After more than a century, the wars are still going on. Featuring the photography of Samer Mohdad.

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On the nightmare of adoption reunion.

An adoptive parent in the United Kingdom recently described the potential reunion of the children temporarily in his care with their parents as his “worst nightmare”. This was like a kick in the gut. Because I feel that my own … Continue reading

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Adoption activism: Lebanon in a global context

Today Bada’el/Alternatives presented a workshop on “The Right to Origins” co-hosted with Legal Agenda, in Badaro, Beirut [link to site]. There were six adoptees present from the Netherlands, others from France and Switzerland. We’ve been doing a lot of media … Continue reading

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Right to Origins Workshop: Beirut

You are cordially invited to the launching of the NGO Badael-Alternatives, which addresses for the first time in Lebanon and in the Arab region the right to origins. For this very special occasion, we have prepared a workshop in partnership … Continue reading

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“And She Flew Away”: A Fundraiser

It took a bit of time, but the NGO that we have started up here in Lebanon has seen the light of day and has received government approval. Our first steps include a fundraiser as well as a workshop with … Continue reading

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