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On Extirpation, Rerooting, and Creative Liberation

Maymanah Farhat contacted me to write a two-paragraph art review for Jadaliyya’s 2018 end-of-year art review. I wrote the following instead. With special thanks to Maymanah for follow-up reference to the El-Khiam prison art collection, and to Lara Atallah for … Continue reading

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Intercountry Adoption: An Invisible Narrative of War

Badael-Alternatives (@badael_alternat) is pleased to invite you to its conference: “Intercountry Adoption: A Narrative of War”. The Conference will be held: 10:30 a.m. on Friday, June 21st, 2019 at the Padova Hotel, Sin el Fil, Beirut. The conference’s aim is … Continue reading

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Citizen, Denizen, Alien: Lecture • Film Screening

The Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship at AUB presents: A fellowship lecture on the topic of adoption via Lebanon by Daniel Drennan, followed by a screening of the film Memory: Unknown, which documents those adopted via Lebanon to Scandinavia and their … Continue reading

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To those inquiring about my safety…

This is based on emails as I’ve been sending them out to friends and family. As much as I complain about this place, there are times when I am grateful to be on the periphery and not in the Belly … Continue reading

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الذاكرة : مجهولة | Memory: Unknown (film screening)

Badael/Alternatives presents: Origins Café A monthly venue for the discussion of issues related to all those separated from their origins.

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حبل صرّة | Umbilical Cord (theater performance)

Badael/Alternatives presents: حبل صرّة | Umbilical Cord Testimonies from the world of forced separation. After more than a century, the wars are still going on. Featuring the photography of Samer Mohdad.

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#MalcolmX Returns to #AUB

51 years after his last visit, on the 50th anniversary of his assassination, Malcolm X returns to speak again in Beirut. Then he was denied speaking rights at the American University of Beirut. This time he is welcomed.

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On the nightmare of adoption reunion.

An adoptive parent in the United Kingdom recently described the potential reunion of the children temporarily in his care with their parents as his “worst nightmare”. This was like a kick in the gut. Because I feel that my own … Continue reading

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Right to Origins Workshop: Beirut

You are cordially invited to the launching of the NGO Badael-Alternatives, which addresses for the first time in Lebanon and in the Arab region the right to origins. For this very special occasion, we have prepared a workshop in partnership … Continue reading

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Existence is Resistance.

Yesterday I made my way from Bayonne to 1-4-5 and St. Nick’s in Harlem (thank God for public transportation) where I met up with Ayman El-Sayed (aka “the Lebanese Ether”) and Nancy Mansour (aka “Harrabic Tubman”) the hosts of the … Continue reading

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