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The ignoble, offensive, and destructive #NAAM

In November, 2013, over the course of the month, I collected various responses I had given on Yahoo! Answers and the like concerning the topic of adoption. It was a response to National Adoption Awareness Month, a thirty-day celebration of … Continue reading

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“No, these are not our children.”

This draft was sitting in my email Drafts folder. I have no recollection to whom I was addressing this. As I get ready to attend ASAC/AI in Oakland this coming week [note: October, 2017], I’m dreading the resurgent feeling that … Continue reading

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Intercountry Adoption: An Invisible Narrative of War

Badael-Alternatives (@badael_alternat) is pleased to invite you to its conference: “Intercountry Adoption: A Narrative of War”. The Conference will be held: 10:30 a.m. on Friday, June 21st, 2019 at the Padova Hotel, Sin el Fil, Beirut. The conference’s aim is … Continue reading

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The Adoptee as Citizen, Denizen, Alien:
 Redefining Adoption as Formalized Extirpation

This paper served as the basis for a translated article that appeared in the Legal Agenda newsletter [link: http://www.legal-agenda.com/article.php?id=1274&folder=articles&lang=ar%5D, and was presented at a conference that was set up to discuss the ongoing crisis of child trafficking in Greater Syria. … Continue reading

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Fellowship Lecture: Citizen, Denizen, Alien

Adoption via Lebanon: Practices of Extirpation and Their Impact on Kinship, Community, Identity, and Citizenship Presented under the gracious auspices of The Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship at the American University of Beirut

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Adoption Is War I+II; Lebanon 2015/1975

I’ve just added a new page, Lebanon 1975: Adoption is War II. It is based on an article found in the news magazine Monday Morning from January, 1975, three months before the “start” of the Lebanese Civil War. It is … Continue reading

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On the nightmare of adoption reunion.

An adoptive parent in the United Kingdom recently described the potential reunion of the children temporarily in his care with their parents as his “worst nightmare”. This was like a kick in the gut. Because I feel that my own … Continue reading

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Adoption activism: Lebanon in a global context

Today Bada’el/Alternatives presented a workshop on “The Right to Origins” co-hosted with Legal Agenda, in Badaro, Beirut [link to site]. There were six adoptees present from the Netherlands, others from France and Switzerland. We’ve been doing a lot of media … Continue reading

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On adoption activism (III).

This post is taken from one that originally went up at Transracial Eyes; at the time I promised to expand on it publicly, so finally this is seeing the light of day. The question there from a fellow adoptee asks … Continue reading

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On adoption activism (II).

In her reply to the previous post, Laura Dennis asks how to overcome the divisions that separate us; how to move from the purely personal to something more “just”. I appreciate her reply very much because it is indeed a … Continue reading

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