Adoption Is War I+II; Lebanon 2015/1975

I’ve just added a new page, Lebanon 1975: Adoption is War II. It is based on an article found in the news magazine Monday Morning from January, 1975, three months before the “start” of the Lebanese Civil War. It is a reactionary promotion of adoption practice, and it presents the disturbing picture of source countries such as Lebanon in which the “progeny of the enemy” of the ruling class is targeted for expulsion from the country.

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The original Adoption is War post I’ve renamed Lebanon 2015: Adoption is War I. It also speaks of reactionary adoption propaganda in the present day and age. That nothing much has changed in all this time should give us great pause.

Link to this article:

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#SimplePieceOfPaper #OurRecordOurRight @NYAdoptEquality

I was asked to show my “simple piece of paper” in a recent Tweet from New York Adoption Equality [link to site]. I’ll have that soon! In the meantime, I decided to use up some extra scratchboard from my illustration class and make some bumper stickers:

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Malcolm X Returns to Beirut

This is my second piece for Land of Gazillion Adoptees/Gazillion Voices [link to article].

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In Memory of Sakia Gunn

Sakia Gunn was murdered on May 11, 2003, in Newark [link to documentary]. I wrote this after attending a sparsely attended vigil for her on the piers of the West Village where she was hanging out with her friends that night. In striking contrast to Matthew Shepard, who garnered 113 stories in the New York Times—three with their lead on the front page—this much more local story failed to elicit more than the following headline under the rubric Metro Briefing, New Jersey; Newark: “Warrant Issued for Arrest in Stabbing”. A grand total of 98 words.

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الذاكرة : مجهولة | Memory: Unknown (film screening)

Badael/Alternatives presents:
Origins Café
A monthly venue for the discussion of issues
related to all those separated from their origins.

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What is the obverse of “ghost” and “haunting”?

Originally posted on Transracialeyes:

We’ve spoken about ghosts here and there. Lately, with reunion looming, I feel like I am haunting my own life, finding might-have-been footsteps; meeting could-have-been friends and, inch’allah, even family.

But the metaphor is bothering me. A ghost is the immaterial which haunts the physical plane of the past, of what was. What is it when our physical self falls into phase with a phantom “future”, a ruptured would-have-been?

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Research/writing at @academia

I’ve uploaded papers, conference presentations, articles, etc. to [link to]; I hope this will serve as a more central repository of output than my various blogs/web sites.

View main page: [link to]

Thanks for reading.

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حبل صرّة | Umbilical Cord (theater performance)

Badael/Alternatives presents:
حبل صرّة | Umbilical Cord
Testimonies from the world of forced separation.
After more than a century, the wars are still going on.
Featuring the photography of Samer Mohdad.

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انا من هناك—I am of that place.

A poem by the Palestinian writer Mahmoud Darwich (محمود درويش). Translation is mine.
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Islamophobia and adoption: Who are the civilized?

This paper started as a conference presentation at the Adoption Initiative Conference in 2012 with the theme “‘Best Interests of the Child?': Race, Religion, and Rescue in Adoption”. The basis for it was sparked by an article that appeared in The Daily Beast by Asra Nomani. Many thanks to Loonwatch and Dissident Voice for publishing its early incarnations, to friend and former colleague Stephen Sheehi for his inspiring book Islamophobia: The Ideological Campaign Against Muslims, and especially to Dr. Raphael Javier and everyone at St. John’s University, AIC, and Maney Publishing who helped see it through to publication.

The abstract:

This paper posits adoption as a function of failed political, economic, and social policies. These policies derive historically from injurious views of populations not ascribed political embodiment. As a tool of dispossession, displacement, and disinheritance, adoption joins other extirpating practices. Given this history, the current focus on Muslim-majority countries as sources for adoptable infants is neither charitable nor coincidental. In this regard, Islamophobia is defined as an additional prejudicial justification for adoption. Islamophobia promulgates this justification based in part on faulty readings of the Quran. This maps readily onto similar use of the Bible. This paper offers a contingent, expansive, and corrective reading of these Books. It advances a countervailing argument for child welfare that questions and resists adoption’s negation of family, community, and place.

Link to paper: Islamophobia and adoption: Who are the civilized?

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